Brand Manifesto

Oh Crap! Another Puff Print Brand!

Some years ago a T-shirt was nothing more than a plain piece of fabric sewed together. Later, prints became the cool thing and in recent times, that print has evolved into puff print. With puff print reaching a saturation and a plethora of brands existing in the same, we thought to ourselves, how can we be different.

What Sets us apart?

The idea struck to incorporate other materials into the existing puff print industry. While doing that, we chose to do it with a splash of luxury. Our garments are made with intense love and care, and more so we want the wearer to feel the same.

What are these elements?

The choice of our elements are sourced in the most ethical manners from factories that believe in fair trade of product in every form. The elements may vary from embellishments such as faux leather, glass beads, even sequins of various kinds.

Are you our ideal customer?

At 23Eleven, we don't expect the customer to be ideal, but our products are made for everyone who want their personal style to be reflected from the clothes they wear.

What is fashion to us?

We believe that fashion is meant to be non-complex, it is meant to be something which is not bound by size or age, but just by your style. For us, a bathrobe can be a cocktail outfit if carried the right way, and a tuxedo is no better than a night suit if not carried the right way. Your clothes are supposed to be your expression.