About Us

We at TwentyThreeEleven believe that fashion should be approachable and accessible to those who seek it. Our products don't only stand out from the others, but the elements we play with are unique, different and something that has not been used in the industry yet. We are not your ordinary puff print brand, we're TwentyThreeEleven, and we're here to stay.

TwentyThreeEleven was born from the passion of pushing the boundaries of conventional streetwear fashion. With rubber puff print as our chosen medium, we decided to explore further avenues of textile design, and decided on adding an extra dimension to our clothing. Additional motifs and elements enable us to craft our garments and transcend the limits of traditional fashion. We are not here to displace anyone, but to mark our foot into industry. Hop onto our journey, and lets change the idea of streetwear, together.